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2011 General Election Results For South Tipperary

The constituency of Tipperary South has endured one of the sharpest rises in unemployment in the state since the country’s economic collapse and has now spoken.

Hereunder are the 2011 General Election results for the Constituency of Tipperary South:-

Counts: 5. Seats Filled: 3. Turnout: 72.8%. Electorate: 57,420. Spoiled Votes: 432. Valid Votes: 41,361. Quota:10,341. […]

2011 General Election Results For North Tipperary

The people of North Tipperary have spoken and hereunder are the 2011 General Election results for the Constituency:-

Counts: 3. Electorate: 63,235. Turnout: 77.2%. Total Poll: 48,789. Spoiled Votes: 516. Total Valid Poll: 48,273. Quota: 12,069 Seats Filled: 3.

Election Results 2011


Lowry, Michael, Sitting Independent. Elected on first count. First Preference votes, […]

Chance To Win Family Game Night 3 For PS3

Family Game Night 3

Following the success of our previous free competitions, our readers are invited to enter our latest contest, with a chance to win the fantastic EA PS3 game Family Game Night 3.

So spin the wheel of fate in the GAME OF LIFE, find out “whodunit” in CLUE, get your groove […]

Queen Elizabeth And President Obama Could Visit Tipperary In June

Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

USA’s 31st Irish President Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II are likely to visit Ireland in late May or early June of 2011.

In the case of President Obama his visit is likely to coincide with other European engagements. “The end of May is likely,” said […]

Bank Of Ireland Fee Charges Crippling

OK, I am extremely sorry and I humbly apologise, but you must understand, when you get to my age you are not as bright and forward thinking as you once were and I suppose this is only to be expected.

But you all have to agree, my brothers and sisters, that placing a two lane […]